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KEYBOARD is image, perception, vision, planning, scenography.


The concept design starts with a simple question: "What is it Margarita?".
This question posed to the citizens of the village and its neighbors has been transformed into "Do you know Margarita?".
Most of the answers see the village as "a street with two curves and a beautiful church".
Margarita is not only that, it is much more, it has got more potential to recover and promote.
Many people do not know that here there is a castle, an important historical center, a monumental church, chapels, avenues, wall paintings, paths, pylons, squares, in a few words ... history.

All of these strong points, if combined in a single project on a large scale could become an attraction that can radically change the face of the village into something new, unique, in accordance with history and pre-existing buildings.
The planning vision tries to rethink the village, starting from its image, from perception that people have of it.
Through single projects included in urban planning, we can recover urban spaces, public and private, place them in a harmonious system that can transform the "fragmented" urban layout in one space compact, connected and organized.

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