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" An architecture that goes beyond buildings
... this is what we need right now ...

...because buildings without architecture are only great and expensive boxes who don’t fit the continually changing conditions of modern life.

Buildings, today, aren’t designed by architects, they are a result of economic considerations, they are made with formulas, they are the result of endless negotiations.

For this reason, today's buildings are ugly, useless and wasteful.

Yet architecture is beautiful and it is a key part of our lives.
Architecture can place us in the world as no other art can do.
It can make us feel at home in the modern reality and give us the emotions of knowing and living the space.

Architecture does not mean building. Building is a structure.

Architecture is how we think building, is how we organize building, is how building appear.
Architecture is how building evolves over time.
Its spaces accompany us in our life journey.

For this reason, to find it, we must look beyond, inside, before and after building.

Architecture should make us dream, amaze us and make us feel comfortable in a world that is increasingly changing, disorienting and, apparently uncontrollable.

We need to rediscover architecture.
We can find it making shape, texture and space experiments.
We can find it in utopian, dystopian or heterotopic visions.
We can find architecture just by listening it, touching it, breathing it and living it.

We need to dream and live the architectural space as before.

This is our responsability."


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