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Listening, watching, covering, renewing, experimenting: these are the main topics in the restructuring of this small apartment in Borgo San Dalmazzo (CN), Italy.
"Reborn" is designed from the specific request of the client to obtain an intimate space, renovated with recycled materials.
A space where spending time during breaks work: in a few words a "base camp", a "reference point".
"Reborn" is an elusive apartment prototype, where the mix of materials, colors and lighting gives a touch of modernity and at the same time a sense of relax and friendly atmosphere.
The small space (23 sq.m.) reuses all existing structures without any physical alteration of the premises.
OSB panels envelop the existing furnishings, giving it a new face, while a layer of transparent glasses "support" the weight of the new ceramic floor.
The small bathroom is designed using all available space in which all specific functions have a great space to fruition.
"Reborn" is a "hit and run" space, a "reference" space, a way of life.

"Reborn" claims the hidden soul of these places; a soul that must be discovered and re-discovered shaping spaces in the image and likeness of the owners.

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