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ripple effect - description

Ripple effect.

In our city there are places, buildings, views that bring to mind images and memories.
They are "presences" that tell a story, often not known, linked to the dynamics of urban development of a city.
This is the example of the water tower of Fossano (Italy).
A water tank which is an important landmark in the city skyline.
Water has always been an important privilege for a city.
In the past, owning a water tower allowed to have what was called "water power": the ability of a city to be completely self-sufficient in terms of accumulation and management of this important natural resource.
A skyline without this important "symbolic presence" would be an offense to what has meaning in the time for those who have used this important privilege and who have fought for it.
The idea of the project wants to promote a "monument", reinterpreting it through a contemporary approach, preserving its history and its iconic image.
An ironic game transforms the tower into a fountain.
The tower lost its function as a large water tank and a big faucet empties the tank.
The public function of the building is preserved. Balconies at different heights allow people to live a new experience: observe views of the city before unknown.
In the area below a small "urban park" will join two parts of the city and become a natural space in Viale Mellano, making it an area where people can stop, study or relax themselves.

Ripple Effect, as the name suggests, it will become the input of a lot of steps for the re-appreciation of the artistic and architectural treasures of the city.

Reclaim public spaces for use during our life is a fundamental task in order to transmit to our children the most beautiful and respectful of our history.


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